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Unleashing the Value of Salt Marshes

The project centers on urban resiliency, with a focus on the essential role of salt marshes. The project's vision is to replace the concrete landfill in Canarsie Community's park with a playful salt marsh landscape that is susceptible to sea-level rise. This initiative aims to establish a sustainable framework that engages the local community, stakeholders, and government authorities in the recovery of endangered salt marshes within Jamaica Bay. It's crucial to shift the perception of salt marshes from wastelands to invaluable resources. The vision is for Jamaica Bay to become a flagship project, leading the way in addressing climate stressors that impact our vulnerable ecosystems.

Year : 2023
Site : Canarsie, Brooklyn, NY, United State
Instructor : Nans Voron, Sean Gallagher, Sagi Golan, Austin Sakong
Category : Summer, GSAPP
Role : With 4 members

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Salt Marshes over Jamaica Bay and the Need for a Paradigm Shift in Understanding Salt Marsh Ecosystems

Salt marsh, which functions 40% more efficiently than the Amazon Hub, was predominant in Jamaica
Bay. Restoring this past value must be the key to building a resilient community.

Seal Level Rise Risk Over Jamaica Bay and Future Vision with Salt Marsh Restoration

Seal Level Rise Risk (2020 - 2100) Over Canarsie

Carving out Playful Salt Marsh Park, the Design Strategy for a Resilient Community