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Bubble Resonance

Is the new comfort truly only found in new architecture? Perhaps, it may be enough to simply make us aware of overlooked things in our daily lives that we haven't seen or felt before. Just as we accept breathing as a natural and comfortable act, our architectural spaces also clearly rely on various technologies to sustain life. This proposal depends on the HVAC system to regulate each space. Depending on the occupants and their behavior, the space expands or contracts. Perhaps bubble spaces have the potential to disrupt the conventional boundaries of limited real estate. They inflate and collide with each other, determining the presence or absence of spaces in between. The exploration of existence extends to the outside as well. Curtains made of long fabrics continuously change and communicate with the outside, depending on the inflation of the space. We finally fill the new comfort with these ready-made existences. The new comfort is about rediscovering the presence of the existing built environment.

Year : 2023
Category : Idea Competition (Shinkenchiku Residential)

Role : Individual Work

Lv2. Comfort Plan
The columns wrap around HVAC pipes, and the core
pipes are distributed to each bubble space. A
peaceful coexistence of the interior and exterior.

Lv4. Comfort Plan
Inflating real estate intertwines, collides, and reaffirms each other's existence. The expanded volume transforms.