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Seoul-Ro Activation

The road has been transformed into a pedestrian-friendly street and decorated with artificial trees and various events. However, the various events are all crowded onto a narrow path, which has led to boredom. What people need is an indoor space where they can simply avoid the sun and enjoy.  "The center of Seoul-Ro (about 500 meters) will be activated by 24-hour spaces full of events and providing shades. The new ground called Seoul-Ro, which has become a pedestrian path for people, is integrated with several grounds. The structures on Seoul-Ro that rely on the ground are connected to the underground movement space, causing super-density and increasing activity.

Year : 2018
Site : Seoul-Ro, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Instructor : Jinman-Jo
Category : 4-1 Studio
Role : Individual Work

The elevated highway, a symbol of South Korea's rapid modernization and development, is transforming into a park - a new chapter in the life of Seoullo. The project, which is linked to various paths in the surrounding area, serves as the core of urban regeneration. The design by MVRDV holds great potential, however, the circular pots placed on the narrow 11m-wide road pose challenges for plant growth and do not provide a stable environment. This raises the question of whether the core of urban regeneration should focus on transportation or providing a residential environment. Activating the center of Seoullo, where the most active and diverse vectors intersect, will catalyze urban regeneration. The new catalytic layers will embody a comprehensive greening plan, providing a residential environment that is both ecologically sustainable and visually appealing.