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Memorial Track

The construction of the Gyeongbu Line railroad in Busan resulted in the city being divided into four parts, leading to a disconnection between urban centers. To revitalize the city and improve connectivity, the Gyeongbu Line has proposed to rebuild as an underground rail plan of 5 stations including Busanjin Station. Sites should be redeveloped as social magnets and connectors, serving as the starting and ending points. Busanjin Station presents a unique opportunity for various revitalization projects to be initiated, beginning with the surrounding ports that are full of opportunities and redevelopment plans. The area surrounding Busanjin Station aims to become a hub for urban regeneration, a magnet, and a connector.

Year : 2020
Site : 255, Chungjang-daero, Dong-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
Category : Competition
Role : individual

The "Gyeongbu Line Railway," which divides Busan into four parts, will be converted into an underground railway.
The existing railroad track can be reborn as a green community platform that unites Busan.

The activation of "Busanjin Station," which is the starting point of the five stations, will serve as the cornerstone.
It will be connected to the existing infrastructure, transportation, population flow, and newly planned development areas.