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Vertical Eulji-ro

Surrounded by Eulji-ro's rough hardware stores, the building has a single facade among industrial facilities. However, the building cannot avoid the changing flow of Euljiro. Small buildings around them will disappear and will eventually be filled and elevated to conform to a society that requires high density. As it is a high-rise urban project, the facade will be an important thing to consider. Euljiro needs a new density building, just as alleys breathe and the atmosphere changes between night and day, and the front and back of this building are different.

Year : 2018
Site : 167, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Instructor : Jaewon Suh
Category : Studio
Role : Individual Work

Located in the bustling center of Euljiro, this building requires a higher density to accommodate the influx of new programs being implemented in neighboring low-rise structures. As a site for extension, this building is also recognized for its historical and preservation value.

Following the Original Language, two conflicting programs,
Hotel and Office, are simultaneously separated and stacked from each other.
Program Composition, the “Symbiotic” enables two different programs with different hight to coexist.

While maintaining the existing form and layout of the building, the two opposing programs are merged in a peculiar yet harmonious manner, resulting in a unique object that blends naturally with its surroundings.

Two different types, the community floors, and hotel-office floor plans exhibit distinct characteristics. As spaces of different heights converge to the same elevation, they coalesce into a unified plane, synthesizing the entirety.

 Inheriting Facade Language in Euljiro.

The vertical facades that contribute to the distinct atmosphere of the streets of Euljiro have been preserved in their continuity. In order to modernize the area while also maintaining its unique aesthetic, a balance was struck between these two needs.

The heavy and dense vertical facade and the light and transparent clear facade each possess distinct characteristics, yet are contiguous, presenting two contrasting faces.

Physical Model