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Beyond Walls

The traditional architecture of the UAE was shaped by harsh climatic conditions, wisdom in eco-friendly architecture, and cultural attributes that emphasize privacy and the flexibility of nomadic spaces. This traditional approach, however, contrasts starkly with the present-day UAE, known for its massive and, often, fictional architectural landscapes that have drifted away from their original significance. This project proposes a future housing typology for the UAE, integrating eco-friendly materials and passive architectural techniques. It aims to foster collective and community identities within vernacular houses, blending traditional values with modern environmental sustainability.

Year : 2023
Site : UAE
Category : Competition
Role : Leader of 3

A flexible modular house combines with others to create adaptable public spaces, fostering a collective community identity. With Dubai's urban fabric facing evolving residential needs tied to shifts in family dynamics, personal preferences, and functional requirements, adaptable changes become imperative.