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Cloud - Ark 

The story of "#Sky City" integrates the vision of a futuristic society that combats global environmental degradation through innovative technology and urban planning. Sky-ark, a floating city, doubles as a massive environmental restoration machine. It transforms carbon-based gases like carbon dioxide and methane, major contributors to global warming, into oxygen and water vapor. This process not only helps in reducing the greenhouse effect but also generates power and creates diamonds from the remaining carbon, symbolizing a shift towards sustainable living. The city's design, with its floating structures housing nature, residential areas, and other urban elements, is a response to the changed living conditions and the need for efficient, adaptable space in the sky. Eventually, as Earth's environment recovers, the city descends to the ground, spreading its components worldwide to seed new urban hubs. This marks the beginning of a new era on Earth, where the concepts of living and the value of objects have evolved, reflecting a profound transformation in human civilization and its relationship with the planet.

Year : 2021
Role : Leader, 3member
Category : Competition