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ON ! Mullae

Mullae Creative Village, a 100-year-old Ironworks Site, home to craftsmen, artists, and citizens, has seen an increase in visitors due to the recent move of artists into the area. However, the current state of the environment has led to disappointment among visitors with high expectations. To address this, our project aims to incorporate local identity elements such as light, water, and iron to address the four core issues present in the village and improve the environment. By implementing these solutions, we hope to foster a sense of community and respect among all groups within the village.

Year : 2020
Site : Dorim-ro 128ga-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Category : Competition
Role : Leader of 3 members


For over a century, the neighborhood of Mullae in Seoul has been the heart of the city's ironworking industry, exuding a gritty atmosphere that has recently been transformed by an influx of artists. The convergence of these creative minds has birthed a unique and intriguing vibe that can only be described as mystifying.

Environmental and Safety problems in Mullae

Four Major Problems in Mullae

Four major problems were identified through field research and stakeholder interviews in Mullae Creative Village. These problems include the need for programs to revitalize the local economy, the use of time slots to minimize daily disturbances, the separation and illumination of pedestrians, and the reduction of fine dust. The solutions will consider the environmental analysis of Moonrae, the climatic conditions of Korea, and the usage patterns of the village's users. A design strategy that minimally disrupts daily life will be crucial for revitalizing the Mullae Art Village.

Residents' Needs and Requirements / Possible Transformation Areas

Drawing Single Multi-Functional Metal Line