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Path - House

As more people live alone, it's important to create spaces where they can connect with others in high-density areas. One way to encourage interaction is by designing paths that intersect and bring people together. Having various community programs can also help people form social connections. The Dongsoong-dong site is a good place to create such a space, by designing it to bring people together while still respecting their need for privacy and independence.

Year : 2017
Site : 26, Naksan-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Instructor : Jingook Jung
Category : 3-1 Studio
Role : Individual Work

The heart of the path leading to Naksan Park and surrounded by cultural experience spaces in Daehangno, naturally attracts the flow of pedestrian traffic towards its vicinity. It is a location deemed ideal for the formation of a community of individuals living in solitary residences, and as such, it is crucial that the design of the site prioritizes the activation of community.

Going right ahead to Naksan-Park

Simple box, including 15 Units with shared spaces.
Room types are densified affording one household.

Physical Model